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PP File

    • Moisture Resistant
    • Chemical Resistant
    • Strong & Durable
    • Great Appeal to End Users
    • Excellent Printability
    • Light Weight
    • Termite & Insect proof
    • Attractive colors
    • Easy to Fabricate
    • Food Grade
    • Recycle
    • Eco Friendly

There is a famous quote, 'First Try and then Trust' Just like that, Anbu Diary is one of the leading Executive Diary collections. I am M.Asokan C.P.Tech., proprietor- Anbu Diary. I started my first unit 'Ashok Computer Centre' in 1992 in Sivakasi the famous Cracker city in South India. I organised my unit well and now it is one of the best leading concern in DTP and Graphic designing.

My first Initiative was a telephone diary for Berg Products Systems in the milleninum year 2000.

In 2003, I expanded my unit and started another branch 'Subam Fine Arts'. In which printing and binding of Magazines and Dictionaries are done in fine quality.

In 2012, I established Anbu Diary. Initially with three different sizes.
Executive Diary, Royal Diary & Supreme Diary.
The diaries were designed & printed in good quality.

In 2013, i.e., in my second year I took orders and supplied diaries with high quality which met my customers needs and their satisfaction. First They tried me and now They Trust me.

2015 is my fourth year, in which I introducing another new venture 'Phone Index Diary' & inclusion of Seventeen Maps, 12 Month-in-View in the information page of the Diaries.

i.e.,Executive Diary, Royal Diary, Supreme Diary & Phone Index Diary.

In 2016, I introducing, Chancellor Diary,Premium Diary,PP FILES & Keychains.

In 2017, I introducing, Folder Diary, Printed Foam Diary, Wooden Diary, Premium Rexin Diary, All Time Diary in Executive Diary, and Library Edition Diary, PC Diary, Art Cover Diary, All Time Diary in Supreme Diary,and Phone Directory

As previous years... this year also I assure you my best service and best quality. Kindly place your valuable orders well in advance so that we can supply you promptly to your satisfaction.